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Could neurodivergence be the breakdown of ancestral curses?

We have an emerging trend in those that are being diagnosed with neurodivergent conditions. Whether it's ADHD, Dyslexia, Bipolar or Autism, these patterns in our brains are emerging with some interesting spiritual perspectives as well.

The modern perspective on these diagnoses is that they are purely a neurological disorder, relating to an abnormal way that the brain is organised. But what about the spiritual perspective of why these souls have chosen these conditions to evolve through? I'm also curious about the increasing pressure that travels down ancestral lines from unresolved trauma that are never addressed generation after generation?

We know now from current research that trauma from our predecessors can have repercussions in our cells and the way the mitochondria react to our environment. For example, if you are born into a family that suffers from alcoholism, you are significantly more likely to experience greater cravings and dependencies towards alcohol use and abuse, than if your predecessors never drank. We are now looking towards the links into how our ancestors dealt with their trauma, or if they didn't, and what was "passed down" the line for us to heal, integrate and understand. There have been countless women in my clinic room describe their tendencies towards repression of emotions, fear of speaking up about their needs and huge barriers towards setting boundaries, that they can link back to their mothers and grandmothers experiences. So are we subconsciously repeating the same patterns as our mothers and those in our maternal lines as a form of self-preservation that perpetuates their trauma response? Even though this can create dysfunction and ongoing pain and suffering our lives too? And what about all of the untold stories, the family secrets and untold medical problems of our predecessors? It could be that the greatest curse of them all, how silent and repressed the previous generations were in an attempt to move beyond the wars and oppression they faced. Particularly if the coping mechanisms of their generation are expected for ours, even though we're living through completely different experiences. Survival of human beings has been greatly dependent on learning or mimicking how to take care of children and tend to everyday life from our parents and grandparents, without the need for changing what is passed down.

Now we are seeing individuals in every ancestral line that bear the brunt of standing for healing and change. Whether it has been decided on a spiritual plane or not, the ones that are here to break these cycles don't necessarily do so by conscious choice. They have a tendency to be the ones who address their own trauma through the necessity of emerging ailments, or break away from family units because the support system is what becomes toxic to their needs. The ones that break curses are usually the ones labelled as too sensitive, different, dramatic, needy, strange, too emotional and altogether "not normal". They are the ones that dare to open the box of hidden secrets in their lineage and ask for answers regarding addictions, coping mechanisms, abuse and strings of bad luck. More often that not, they are simply the ones that require their parents and support systems to change their belief systems in order to support their growth, which can leave them isolated and outcast. These are the children and adults that develop unheard of diseases, react to our medications, don't fit in at school and can't learn in the ways that others find easy and effortless. Their social cues and capacity is different, as well the effect that these differences relate to compounding trauma over their lifetimes.

In Shamanism, we clear curses from previous ancestors that are creating patterns of "bad luck" for those that struggling in present day. This could be the gambling problem that your Grandfather adopted to address his pain and loss, for example. As this traumatic imprint passes down the line, the grandchild might experience misfortune around money and a tendency to over spend and gamble their resources with an "all in" approach that never works out. Or a Grandmother's distrust and negative self worth might be unconsciously mimicked by her children, allowing abusive relationships to become the normal with an inability to set boundaries or seek out independence. As these patterns are experienced several generations later, in a modern world, we end up with coping mechanisms that might not originate purely from our own life experiences, making them difficult to understand and manage.

When those that have suffered the pain of repressed generations are born, we can see them as the ones that stand for change. They are the ones that don't fit in to the societal structure we have created. They are often the ones that need creative parenting and draw on their parents to change the conditioned methods that came before them. It is neurodivergence in itself that is asking the world to change and bring a higher level of consciousness to how we operate and relate to each other. It is these children and adults, that show symptoms to the world when their sensitivities speak of injustice and imbalance, lies and secrets. A difficult child demands that their parents seek out new ways to be in the world, or suffer the consequences of their pain and problematic expressions. A mother that sets boundaries and leaves an abusive partner is the one in the story that speaks up for all the women that came before her. The children that can't concentrate at school are the ones that are alerting us to the outdated school programs and stress inducing, artificial learning environments aimed at productivity, conformism and outdated power dynamics. For these individuals, it is not a story of courage or revolution, its a tale of not fitting into a world that is structured for neuro-typicals alone. This pain is felt by the parents, grandparents, friends, teachers and loved ones of those that struggle so intensely to achieve what their peers can do with ease. This fracture within our system will have a long lasting effect, and one that will collectively wake up thousands of family units to the changes that need to be made.

Healing doesn't happen through a diagnosis alone. A diagnosis for neurodivergence brings to light a conversation around understanding oneself first, and 'fitting in', second. Medication isn't a fix but can offer a period of respite as the individual learns how to cope with stress, understand their unique brains, and change the structure of their lives. The real remedy is honouring each individual needs for balance and allowing a life that honours who they truly are. Individual orientated and inclusive environments will allow self-acceptance and connection to grow where bullying, fear and avoidance have been left to fester.

These neurodivergent individuals will spark the change in our businesses, communities and way of living that isn't rooted in rules and structures that serve a diminishing percentage of the population. The way forward is to honour those that have come here to break these cursing cycles and allow change. From natural and quiet environments, to the ability to work within their genius in new and innovative ways, to new ways of relating and creating harmony in our relationships. We can see how sensitivities to our food is driving positive change in our food industries, whilst awareness around empathy is allowing for self-awareness in each individual and how they act and behave. Evolution is happening in front of our eyes but will take the dedication of each individual to stand up to the injustice and discrimination of our system in order to seed more positive change. The most peaceful way to create change is to vote with your resources for the world you want to see. The things that you spend your time, energy and money on, are the parts of this world that you are aligning with. Choose carefully and we will make atomic changes for a collective shift.

Sometimes, if we're lucky, we realise what we've inherited from those who have come before us and seek out the changes in order to heal the ancestral line for the children that will be born in the future. More and more, these changes are happening through the souls that are coming through, whereby their presence is all that's needed for these changes to happen. Let us all support each individual from a genuinely curious and compassionate lens, to allow everyone to thrive within our communities. It will take strength and perseverance to rid ourselves of the deeply ingrained judgement, superiority and discrimination that we have learnt from our ancestors.

If you know someone with a neurodivergent diagnosis, or have one yourself, let's work towards honouring the needs of each individual and celebrate their uniqueness at every opportunity. Be curious about your loved ones differences, treat your coworkers with respect and dignity, allow respectful conversations addressing the needs of those around you without expectation of how it "should" be. Support those around you whole-heartedly as they approach discussions regarding their own diagnoses or pathway of healing.

A spiritual perspective on neurodivergence, as well as other mental health patterns, can be seen through the demanding pressure of trauma from this life and beyond, as well as through one's ancestry. These patterns lend to higher states of creativity, innovation, empathy and intuition. Many of us have come through to disrupt the chaos of ancestral secrets, and discover who we are through the pursuit of self-sovereignty. If someone in your line has had the courage to challenge the status quo, they are doing so for more than just their own personal freedom, they might be standing up to heal generational trauma as well. Let us truly respect the healing journey of each individual and allow the space and support to care for each other during these times of mass awakening. Go gently with yourself, your presence could be creating more change than you realise.

Thank you for being YOU.

I love you.

These blog posts are created with love & care by Heather Leighton without the use of AI.


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