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“Crazy times” are what we incarnated for

There’s no doubt in the increasing levels of weather events, chaos and unstable patterns all around us. Yet, our programming still has us hanging on for a sense of "normal". Have you ever wondered why these experiences are a part of our life's journey?

Throughout history, there has been significant periods of change and upheaval that's created massive evolutionary shifts. From the dark ages, the plague, the depression or the world war. It is always an assumption that these deep transits are man-made or society driven, but in fact, we might simply be responding and reacting to what nature and spirit are leading us towards.

Without change, humans stop learning and growing, which is a detriment to health and our very purpose for living. There can also be a level of complacency when it comes to initiating our own change, and even controlling it when we do. But yet, we don’t seem to be able to fully embrace the change that our environment asks of us… particularly when asking becomes forcing.

Having been recently lived through an extreme weather event in my small community and witnessing the deep changes brought about, I’m left wondering about our collective belief systems. I haven’t seen anything so strongly force a community into a fragmented state, allowing for a quick descent back into 3D and then a recalibration towards healing. I found this shockwave unsettling and intriguing, as it revealed the pronounced aspects of each individual's personality to the surface. Right now, we are living through a time that even when we've all had the same experience, our interpretations of it can be so vast. We are not reliant on the government or church to provide one governing perspective, and we have access to a whole world of information at our fingertips. Every perspective you can think of can be expressed within one small community. It seems these events are signalling one simple truth….CHANGE IS HERE.

With change comes discomfort, destabilising, fracturing, breaking down of safety and stability and deep shifts in relationships too. It almost impossible to stay the same when your external world is falling apart around you, and that’s the point. The synchronicity of these events, along with the unique timing for each individual is uncanny, leading me towards understanding how collective change will keep manifesting. For those of us pursuing a 5D reality, where we have access to experiences beyond fear and control, these transits have become the ultimate test. It is so tempting to be pulled back down into a paradigm of perpetual fear, crowd mentality and sheepishly reverting back to the system for comfort and reassurance. When the world screams chaos, it can take all of our willpower to stay in resonance with connection, respect, love and sovereignty. But how else are we to learn how important it is to remember the inner work we’ve done and prioritise a world we believe in.

These experiences have the sobering message that these changes are not going away anytime soon. What will become more and more important is a need for each individual to break away from their crowd conditioning and prioritise what is grounding for them. This could be anything from breaking away from toxic habits, people or governing bodies, to starting again in new ways over and over until a sense of peace is cultivated within. If you engage your senses in this storm of change, and see from the eyes of a witness, you will notice that nothing is happening to you, but instead, around you. Gather the wisdom of how change is happening subtly and drastically for you. You have the power to choose how you are going to respond and which direction your actions will take you. If we are left to our egos alone, notice the prevailing victim voice that tries to convince you of a world where adrenalin fuelled coping is the only way. There is always another way.

Something I learnt through intense spiritual initiations is a way to hack into a surrendered state. Imagine that this storm will last years instead of days, and it won’t stop until spirit is satisfied with how much you’ve surrendered and been willing to trust in the changes within you and around you. Sometimes the change will bring you to your knees, asking you to give up everything you’ve been dependent upon for your identity and sense of safety. If you give up all control fully, embracing the storm as your new reality, you can then watch all of your preprogrammed ideas about your reality melt away. You will need to accept the discomfort of your present moment fully and accept that it might never resolve. You must face your fears of loss, death and solitude to see the beauty around you when it clears. When we hit this point, we stop reacting to fear and simply accept where we are. It is usually from this point, that we unlock our freedom point, taking the journey through our fear rather than being a slave to its persistent narrative. Whatever is happening within you right now, is also happening on the land underneath you. We are interconnected to nature at all times. Nature has, and always will be, more powerful than us. We arrogantly place ourselves too highly on the pedestal of control, but the stark reality is…we could get wiped out in an instant if our mother willed it so. Whether the weather has been manipulated or not, it is still a higher governing power, which has been proven time and time again. One of our most empowering decisions is whether to stay connected to this incredibly powerful force, or whether to separate ourselves from it.

To stay in a high frequency, divinely connected to nature, and centred around a fundamental plan of ascending into higher states of consciousness, we must cultivate our state of grounding. Building safety and stability within creates a solid base for further evolution. From there, we can open up your creative expression to keep moving through the upgrades in feminine and masculine and work diligently on a sense of self that is seeded from self-compassion and warmth, so that all actions can be governed from the heart space. Every setback and win is a reminder of how to find balance and acceptance for the time in history we have chosen to evolve through. When nature shows us chaos, we must honour her wisdom and teachings around where we can see opportunities to grow and evolve.


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