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How I went from unmotivated and powerless, to abundantly creative

Motivation seems like an elusive concept for most, like a sporadic visitor that never plans their arrival and won't stick around long enough to share their secret wisdom. We get nervous when we're not motivated, yet we're often too tired to execute our big dreams, so we settle for daily survival...and don't even mention the word discipline!

I have helped so many clients over the years restructure and realign their habits to unlock their creative potential. Most people I work with have great ideas, but lack the clarity and motivation to execute them properly. When we dig deep, it's not a problem of capacity, self-worth or confidence...It's actually a lack of knowledge and structure around how the energetic body works.

I spent most of my twenties and early thirties, too tired to create anything meaningful. I relied on coffee and alcohol to bring the energy and courage it took to take risks, but those risks were more damaging to my body than actual good. I longed to be of service, to have meaning and purpose, but all I could do was keep surviving each day. I had some wonderful experiences, don't get me wrong, but the dark cloud of lack was always close by.

It wasn't until I combined theories of four fundamental paradigms that I noticed everything started to shift. All of a sudden, I began to find a natural sense of ease and alignment. My nervous system began to regulate, meaning that I felt safe more often and didn't need to fill any voids within. I started working on my past and clearing my body of heaviness through techniques I'd learnt from previous teachers, and it all started with one simple hack.

Now before I tell you about this hack, let me explain what I know about this multi-dimensional view of health. It is not quite enough to focus just on the science of your body in a rational and clincial way. For myself and my clients, we are more than just cells, molecules and measurements. Even with my health science degree, I could never release my inner resources from a nutritional paradigm alone. I was a master at setting unrealistic food expectations on myself and then blaming and shaming myself for quick-fix eating habits. Each year got me closer to a position of self-loathing and a sense of betrayal. I was left pondering; what about my feelings, emotions, intuition and spiritual parts of me?

Since I had experienced my first burn out early in my twenties, with diagnoses of adrenal fatigue, anemia, glandular fever, pre-menstrual tension and repeating infections, I knew there was more to my health than just science. I had to explore further to find the missing components.

Through my struggle to feel grounded and safe within my own body, I started to adopt more energetic paradigms of information that could speak of how my belief system, thought forms and self-deprecating thought forms contributed to the energy leaks that were affecting my physical, mental and emotional health. It wasn't until I learned about the psycho-emotional and psych-spiritual aspects of disease and illness that it all began to click for me.

First, I needed to understand what my own unique body needed, and I couldn't find that in a book. Then it was about creating the opportunity for my cells to do what they are naturally programmed to do...heal. Then I had to give my body more opportunities to heal than it had to foster disease and imbalance. Once I found a recipe that worked for me, I repeated it over and over again and saw drastic results. The effect was incredible! I cleared my system of viruses and deficiencies that no practitioner had ever been successful doing. Long standing and recurring infections vanished and I started to feel vibrant, bright and even, powerful.

I married the paradigms of health science, Chinese Medicine, NLP coaching and shamanism so that I could honour my belief system of being a multi-dimensional being in physical form. I gave ownership back to myself, allowing my sovereignty to grow with every part of my life that I healed without intervention, invasion or rigorous testing. I returned to my natural state of connection to self, to nature and to my guides, I became my own best friend. From this place, the universe opened up to me and spoke to me endlessly of beauty, balance and hope.

I was amazed at how simple these actions were, yet how dramatically they changed the way I responded to every situation in my life. I decided that I wanted to represent what true relaxation and presence was, since it seemed to rare in the women around me.

These actions and hacks are still the same methods I use today to create my courses, to serve as a practitioner and shaman and to live in constant creativity with source. I finally have the energy to exercise and pursue challenging tasks, as well as build a team of other sovereign beings that help Ankara's medicine to reach more people.

And it all started with one act....

Sitting in silence with myself at sunrise.

By the light of dawn's promise, I was reborn.

If you're interested in learning something new that will spark change and growth, as well as incorporate a fun way for active meditation, join us for our next Beginners Shamanic Medicine Workshop on February 17th & 18th, held on Tamborine Mountain. Here's the link to find out more:


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