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Justice, at what cost?

As I travel to different soils gathering wisdom and differing perspectives of this world, I have begun a deep conversation with myself around resentment. I have always observed resentment in my body as a type of envy that torments our narratives and creates a deep longing for justice and fairness. But what toll does this emotion and its need for balance, take on our bodies and minds over time?

As I allow the ancient wisdom of Eora to wash over me, I have gazed into a dear relative eyes that tell me a story of long-term suffering. As the years go by, I can sense the accumulation of pain and suffering that can lead us towards sadness but might also bring us to wisdom and healing. As it has always seemed to me, healing is a conscious choice and a very difficult one to make.

We have all had situations of injustice thrust upon us by the universe, a kind of tough love lesson for our souls, often before we really seem capable. It is true, that in human form we learn and grow so much through adversity. Our primary relationships create a foundation of our soul contract learning in this life, and even this beginning can deliver deficient expressions of love, understanding and support. So what happens when we don't get the nourishment, care and respect that we deserve? It seems that adversity seems to have a delayed understanding. As if the contact point of chaos or trauma can seem almost insignificant and deceivingly gentle, until the time stamp of true understanding kicks in later in life. We come to clarity and understanding later regarding how unfairly we were treated with a deep sense of being "wronged". When life seems unfair, we often observe anger first. This anger is designed to quickly create action and expression, however, often it can deepen and morph into other expressions over time. For those of us who are emotionally aware, there is a distinct difference between each emotional frequency as it is sensed in the body. What goes hand in hand with resentment is an indication of over-giving. This type of envy warns us that giving ourselves to something or someone that is unworthy of our efforts is risky business. If anger was the alert signal to injustice, then resentment is its older wiser sister, calling us deeper into the refinement of self-betrayal. Self-betrayal is a difficult truth to swallow, and the ego will do anything to avoid its revelation, however, if resentment stays and festers, it will begin to create much dysfunction in the body's energetics, leading to disease.

Resentment shows up as a hardening of our hearts, stifling the necessary frequencies of connection and love. As an emotional teacher, if it stays too close to us for too long, in an attempt to control it, we will move on from craving justice, and move into seeking revenge. This is the ego's way of seeking blame outside of itself and preventing the shame of self-betrayal from rising to the surface. However, be mindful that revenge in any nature, is a bargain with the underworld. Revenge, in modern society, might be tormenting a loved one by becoming dependent, helpless or adamantly cynical. It could also present as turning other family members against someone who has wronged you. Revenge can also manifest as spending your life alone, determined never to let true intimacy in again.

The emotional pattern of resentment will show up in the nervous system primarily. It can deplete our ability to stay flexible and decisive to what serves us. We can ruminate intensely on the blame outside of us, causing depletion of our neurotransmitters and weakening our digestive function. This can lead to negative narratives, stagnation, paranoia, the inability to stay open for connection & the inherent risks that relationships invite in us. If left unchecked, any predispositions to disease & illness will start to inflate & become apparent through symptoms in the body & relationship dysfunction.

So how do we understand these concepts to continue to choose healing?

In order to achieve true and comprehensive healing, we must create new pathways that honour our true needs and create a counterbalance for the sense of injustice. I’ve always found that comprehensive healing needs to address all parameters of the body, mind and spirit. On a physical level, injustice & trauma need to be detoxed from the body. There are so many modalities that can provide this like remedial bodywork aimed at trauma release. On the mental plane, we need the tools to unpack and process events and patterns so that we know how to understand our lives and hack self-awareness. Spiritually we need to understand why our soul has chosen the adversity we need to evolve. Just like any other process, addressing the spiritual & karmic components of these events is the last component in order to free us from the grips of repressed emotions and cycles of stagnation that can over time lead to depression, anxiety and exaggerations in personality traits. When all three paradigms of us are addressed, we can move into the type of growth that leaves trauma as nothing more than a gateway of gratitude. If you’re stuck in a cycle of resentment and pain, without true freedom, make sure to see whether you've addressed the multi-dimensional parameters of healing.

If someone has wronged you, where can you release this from your physical body and keep your Qi or vital energy moving rather than stagnating in resentment? How can you move towards forgiveness and appreciation so that the negative emotions are transformed regularly into those that relate to wellness and health? Have you addressed the energetic and spiritual implications of these events like karmic patterns, soul contracts, entity attachments and ancestral curses?

When resentment, blame and distrust go unchecked, we can surely find ourselves in a depressive state. These emotional patterns are contracting in nature and force us towards isolation and despair. Mental health is often talked about as a separate domain from the rest of our physical energetics, yet it is highly intertwined with every other part of our existence.

Do whatever it takes to free yourself into states of gratitude, trust and connection.

If it takes forgiveness, then it's time to consider this act of self-love and healing for yourself, and no one else.

Choose Healing.

Choose Forgiveness.

Choose Freedom.

Choose Love.


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