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The land and our Earth element

The Earth element in Chinese Medicine relates to our digestive system. Our connection to this element manifests in how we digest our food and our lives, and how well we absorb nourishment (in every sense of the word). Having a strong earth element in your body also relates to your ability to love, nurture and nourish yourself and others well. When we are deficient or lacking in this elemental backbone, we might experience weakness and instability, but also a tendency to over-nurture others (beyond what we're actually capable of). Complex digestive issues can, from a psycho-spiritual perspective, manifest when there is a lack of love for the self (which can relate to mother wounds), or if there isn't a strong connection with the Earth itself. Another contributing factor can be the state of the land that we're on, and its capacity to provide this grounding force for us.

Have you ever visited drought-ridden land and felt unsettled or nervous?

Have you ever visited places that have recently flooded and felt overwhelmed or highly emotional?

The ultimate charging system for our own earth element (and our digestive system), is food grown in nutrient-dense soils that are cared for, or even loved, when grown and harvested. This process can be further complimented by the way we cook and prepare this precious resource. Another way to charge our Earth meridians directly; is to connect with the Earth's energy grid. Since all living things contain Qi (or life force energy), we can seek out a connection with the land and have it nourish us both actively and passively. Walking barefoot is incredible, but Qi can move through building materials and rubber as well when the intention is strong enough. Just like in our human relationships, love that is mutually reciprocated is the best recipe for connection.

Do you think we love the land that we're on, in order to boost our own love for ourselves?

Self-love can be a complex paradox to cultivate at times, but it seems the Earth doesn't struggle to love us at all! This motherly force continues to provide for us, nourish us, and bring us a beautiful home to evolve upon. Until we reach even higher states of consciousness and self-love, let's collaborate with the Earth more often. When it gets too hard to love ourselves just as we are right now, let's send nourishment back to the earth and ask for her help. Looking after the land is like paying respects to a mother that loves us even when it's hard. We can get creative with how we pay our respects to the land as well.

Here are some ideas:

- Make an offering to the land to show your respect for its nourishment. Take something that you value and offer back, like a cup of tea, some flowers, planting a tree, or making a handmade gift out of compostable materials.

- picking up rubbish, clearing waterways, unblocking drains, removing plastic and other waste from rivers, parks or nature strips.

- meditating on the land and sending love and gratitude into the soil

- Removing dead animals from the road and allowing them to decompose and nourish the earth.

- tend to your own gardens prioritising natural components and natural homes for wildlife

- invest your money in businesses that incorporate environmental values into the way they run

- support local businesses that nourish the earth and their community, bringing more abundance to the land that supports you each day

- set up a natural altar in your garden and spend time thanking the nature spirits that keep it abundant

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"When it gets too hard to love ourselves just as we are right now, let's send nourishment back to the earth and ask for her help." Oh I love this

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