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The Spiritual Steppes of Mongolia

Since ancient times, it has been a rite of passage to travel to sacred sites to experience a change in perspective and a deeper connection to spirit. In modern times, we have lost the sense of how deeply these journeys can facilitate change. We can get so caught up in the material world and pursuing more possessions, that we forget that divine connection begs us to let go of what we're attached to and seek out something greater than ourselves.

Here at The Ankara Academy, we are dedicated to providing experiences that truly aid the expansion and growth of our members and students. Our recent trip to Mongolia provided that...and so much more!

We embarked on a shamanic tour in Mongolia in May 2024, that involved many components designed to aid more learning, growth and a shift in perspective. Mongolia is a place that seems to run on it's own frequency. There is something about being surrounded by so much nature that allows the sense of self to be enveloped by a greater order of things. We spent 7 days on tour that gave our participants a taste of the culture, the spiritual thread and the inner workings of this incredible landscape. We worked with local shamans, stayed with nomad families, attended a shamanic festival, trained in horse archery and visited more than two temples. All the while, supporting our participants to understand what was transforming as a result of being in contact with potent land and sacred rituals. The parts of the tour that invited discomfort, were the breakthrough points we were hoping for!

Travelling in a group of other spiritual and sovereign individuals brings plenty of invitations towards greater self-awareness and self-responsibility. Some of these students have been studying Shamanism for years, and now held their own transformation in their hands. These moments of profound and honest perspective come unexpectedly but in perfect timing. As the windy steppes provide an incredible backdrop, we look within towards the parts of our lives stuck in scarcity and fear, awaiting a higher perspective of surrender and radical acceptance. But the ego will not go willingly!

The simplicity of life in the countryside provided us with everything we needed to understand how uncomfortably comfortable our lives have become. Potent ceremonies with our Shaman Guide allowed for touch points with the divine, asking for a greater union with our spiritual lives. Over 300 shamans parading the grounds in full display and pride of path was an eye-opening spectacle that invoked a sense of inspiration and community. Until we moved on towards the physical endurance of healing done on horseback, allowing our arrows to fly true towards our targets, or at least try! Consolidation and embodiment came from climbing the steps of a Buddhist temple used for the pursuit of enlightenment amongst the pine trees of a national park paradise.

We are truly honoured to have facilitated this tour with such incredible individuals. The collaboration between our Mongolian brothers and sisters was enriching and mutually beneficial. We hope this is the start of a long relationship with these lands and culture.

To all of our 2024 participants, congratulations! You did so well to embrace the deep undercurrents of this vision quest and find your own transformation.


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