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The truth shall set you free

One of the greatest enigmas that I witness, is how hard it has become to simply speak, live and embrace our truth! Read on to hear how the truth can free you from addictions, coping mechanisms and dependencies.

When I was in my early twenties and studying Chinese Medicine, I was working with a client in the student clinic who suffered from Fibromyalgia. This condition is characterised by crippling pain without any known origin or cause, as far as Western Medicine was concerned. I felt privileged and determined to help this client as much as I could and learn about this quite tricky syndrome that was becoming more and more common. Extensive amounts of acupuncture and moxa treatment helped to manage his pain and alleviate its severity, as long as he never missed a session and didn't do much at all with his time. I was exploring my own thought forms around the deeper causes of such autoimmune conditions, and how they came to be. My client was kind and courteous, had good self-awareness and was dedicated to changing his habits and lifestyle in alignment with his needs. From a clinic point of view, management was all we could do for him.

Right before the end of my degree, I had seen this client consistently over a long period of time, another very rewarding process, but we hadn't made any real progress. During the very last session we would have together, he confessed something that sent shivers down my entire spine (which I now know is confirmation from my guiding team to pay attention!). He told us that his condition began around the same time he came out to his father, explaining that he was a homosexual. The consequence of this truth meant that his father no longer spoke to him and shamed him for his lifestyle. Since then, he had put his truth away, living in the shadows and blaming and shaming himself for his actions. He actively hid his truth in an attempt to win back the approval of his father who still wouldn't accept him.

My intuition told me, in that moment, that this condition had developed to keep him on a path of authenticity. The pain showed up to teach him when he was burying his own needs and truth to be a more convenient version of himself for his father. His confession in our last session was the start of a trend in my work where I noticed that clients would have life-changing breakthroughs when they know treatment and support is about to end. I believe it's our push towards courage to find the beacon of light that we've been searching for. I am never surprised when the truth reveals itself in the last 10mins of a session, or in the very last session of a program. These days, I patiently wait for the light of the truth to push through the resistance of shame that has kept it locked away for years or even decades. I knew in this case, the acupuncture seemed only to be managing the pain, but the soul contract between my client and I was reaching a place of evolutionary change all along. Once the truth is heard and realised, the shame can then melt away and we can find a path towards living our truth, not keeping it trapped inside.

No doubt, it's never convenient to speak the truth let alone have it heard and rejected. However, anyone who has kept a secret buried inside can tell you, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to manage the path of change that follows.

Speaking the truth in every moment can help us all safeguard against our addictions and attachments to toxic situations. An addict can pretend that they are not tired, paranoid and lost inside with the right substance and distractions. But if we can face the truth, and speak it when necessary, at least we will always stay connected to our own needs. There is nothing more rewarding than prioritising the relationship with ourselves over and over again.

The addict will say, "I'm over it, it doesn't affect me anymore", when the truth might be, "It torments me every day".

The people pleaser might always say yes, when in fact they long to say no.

The self-saboteur might lie to themselves and say that person really cares about them, when the truth inside is bursting to say, not in the way you need.

We are terrified of letting others down, so we subtly deny ourselves the opportunity to grow beyond the expectations of others.

Just like peace, the truth is an expensive investment, but a rewarding one.

If your body is in pain or showing signs of imbalance, then it's time to find the truth of what you need. If you want to learn how to decipher the body's signal systems, find your truth and heal your body, join us for SYNAPTIC EVOLUTION in January!


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