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What is the fuss about Surrender anyway?

It is becoming something that we're hearing all over the place. Not only in hype culture, new age rants and by spiritual leaders; but also within our own narratives. The word surrender, introduces a concept that is way beyond our comprehension when we first approach it. Surrender is not something you can fully understand until it happens. It can be hard to explain, intellectualise, act upon and obtain. For many, their subconscious is so programmed to avoid surrender at all costs, that reaching it will take a mountainous challenge. The interesting part is, that it's different for everyone. When it hits, it can be like a cloud of calm that entrenches the nervous system into acceptance.

The truth is, surrender is not the end of a battle. Instead, it symbolises the start of the journey. However long it takes to transcend acceptance into a state of total trust is completely individual. It has taken many healing modalities and medicine women and men extensive study to facilitate this state for others.

We know surrender as a situation in war when one party raises a white flag in acceptance that they've lost. From an ascension point of view, surrender happens when an individual stops resisting against their own evolution. It doesn't matter if you are dealing with trauma, strong plant medicines or physical endurance. There is a time when you will finally let go and swim in a new plane of existence. You will have to transcend the logic, doubt and fear that might be completely saturating your nervous system. You might have to keep going even though your body has surpassed all of its resources. You might have to walk towards something that you know terrifies you. Once a state of surrender is occurring, the energetic shifts from fight and flight into acceptance and faith, can literally change someone's entire life story in an instant.

This moment can help you define where your strength actually comes from. Your strength comes from how much you are willing to trust in what is, not what you want it to be. These moments generally come after a long battle with everything you cannot accept. When you look at your wounding face to face and everything inside you wants to fight, control, fix and deny. If instead, you let go and allow your guides to facilitate your growth, you will reach surrender. The nervous system will flood the brain with endorphins rather than adrenalin. Your breathing will slow and deepen, and there will be an end to the fight within. Acceptance of what is; is the precursor to surrendering completely into the now.

If you find a state of surrender, try to remember the feeling and how you got there. You will need this data for the next battle. We have chosen an incarnation on Earth, defined by struggles and learning. If you want to experience as much as possible while you are here, put surrender on your bucket list and watch life transform in front of your eyes.


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