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Your intuition is more than a voice in your head

When it comes to intuition development, the most common question I’m asked is, “How do I distinguish between my intuition and my fear?”

The most important part of intuition development is applying practices regularly over time and watching all of the senses grow slowly. Intuition does not talk to us like a wise person, instead, it will send messages that ignite sensory information like breadcrumbs through the forest leading us slowly to an understanding. This could be anything from a smell that brings a memory to the conscious mind. It could be a sensation through the body that sparks curiosity surrounding our body’s anatomy. It can even be words or imagery that show up during the day or the dream state. The paradox about heightened intuition is, it’s not designed to tell you exactly what to do or where to go. Instead, it will invoke energy towards an unfolding story in your mind that develops over time. Like anything else, the more you practice, the better your psychic muscles develop. What becomes important towards this type of spiritual training, is trust. When your intuition sends information (or psychic “data”) to your consciousness, it’s important to trust it (even when doubt seems much more dependable). This could be trusting the information is correct and has found you at just the right time. Or possibly, you might need to entertain an idea until it has expired. You might even have to delve into difficult memories or paradigms of thought to move energy from stagnation into revelation. What is most rewarding about your intuition, is that it’s a unique personal coding system designed entirely for you. It speaks a language that only you can truly understand. The ways to develop your intuition will definitely be different to anyone else on the same path. Practising different rituals borrowed from spiritual paradigms is important whilst you’re discovering what language or senses you are most receptive to. It's habits that form a skillset, which means this is the most effective way for intuitive wisdom to show up more and more each day. You’ll need a little discipline to allow rituals to take place every day, no matter how small and simple. You’ll also need a good dose of courage to allow your intuitive feeds to become part of your reality. Adopting a more spiritual life is about trusting what you sense to be true, and aligning your actions with your knowing. You will be confronted by the doubts of those you know, who might be confused around someone with an inner compass. However, no one needs to understand but you. Developing and trusting your intuition is what brings magical alignment to your life. A life where you feel connected to yourself and the divine each day.


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