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Join our podcast via our YouTube channel "The Ankara Academy".

Settle into these incredible conversations with creative and intuitive individuals that are bringing their unique art into the world.

The Shamanic Alchemy flows again with Angel and Heather discussing the depths of soul contracts, the basics of witchcraft, shamanic totems and so much more!

Find the highlights of each episode on our TikTok account: @spoken_synergy

The set and shamans are adorned with handmade items from @tribal_alignment and @villagewtichalchemy.

This was filmed on Wangerriburra country, with respects to the land and elders. All filming and editing by @mountain_peek_media :)


Episode 13: Technology For Consciousness

In this episode, Heather is joined by Troy Haines from IAMConnected! Troy works with programs using technology for consciousness - using biohacking and consciousness hacking, Troy is able to use mediation as well as other tools and techniques to explore human potential around a multitude of different areas.

Episode 7: MARY RODWELL: Speak your multi-dimensional truth

In this episode, we had the honour and pleasure of interviewing Mary Rodwell, aka THE ALIEN LADY! Mary has had an impressive career as an author, a practitioner, a speaker and a researcher. We talk about important it is, now more than ever, to speak your truth and be the version of yourself that shines brightly, despite how weird that might be for others. We discuss many parameters of her research including the patterns found in ADHD and other "upgrades" that are becoming more and more recognised.

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