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Land Clearing

What is Shamanic Land Clearing?

A Shamanic Land Clearing is an energetic and spiritual cleansing of a property, including any houses, businesses or dwellings that might reside on that land. As caretakers, tenants or owners of the land, we often inherit a lot of energetic disruptions from previous owners. Land Clearings involve a deep reading and investigation into what has happened over time and how the land itself wants to be taken care of on a spiritual level.

This process could involve clearing interrupting spirits or entities from the property, as well as making offering to other spirits that reside on the land in a positive way. There might be old cords, promises and attachments from previous owners that need to be released. We can also help to guide the new owners around how to set up harmonious energy on the land and inside the dwellings too.

These clearings are very thorough and involve a full report with guidance and support following the clearing. Some effects after the clearing might be:

- better health including improved sleep for those residing in the house

- less arguing and disharmony from family members

- better connection to the land and its stories

- blessings for a new business or venture to ensure good luck and profit

- reduced tension, stress and symptoms from children and loved ones who reside or visit the house and land

- improved health and reduced stress from livestock and animals

- energetic protection around borders or the land, resulting in improved relationship with neighbours

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