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Shamanic Medicine Training

Join us for a journey to meet your celestial team

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The Ankara Academy provides a framework for sustainable intuition development through a unique style of Shamanism. In our intensive weekend workshops, you will be guided towards the methods that put you in touch with your celestial team members. As you meet each member, you will become familiar with the shamanic journey process and visiting non-ordinary realities. 

Beginner Intensive

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Beginner Intensive

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 Our intensives teach that intuition development needs to be slow and aligned with wellness and awareness, embracing a deep connection with nature. Through the beginners intensive you will be introduced to at least three of your celestial team members, and you will be taught how to communicate with your guides everyday and how to face difficult situations. This training compliments any other kinds of healing modalities previously learnt and doesn't require any previous experience.


Your facilitator, Heather has embraced shamanism into her life with unyielding dedication. Her diverse range of experiences both in other healing modalities and her first hand experience, provide a safe and encouraging space to explore all kinds of psychic abilities and intuitive awakenings. Heather is dedicated to providing shamanic training that is comprehensive and tailored to each individual's needs.

Join us in a container of intention and mystery as we embark on the journeys that will change your sense of reality forever. Your guides have always been there, you just haven’t been able to hear their call. In our noisy lives, which inner voice can we trust? What is the difference between our intuition and our own fear?

This two day workshop addresses these fundamentals questions and so much more!
Together, as we gather with intention, we will align our hearts and minds with a very special discovery. Over two days, there will be plenty of structured content to absorb and integrate, as we journey to meet each one of your ancestral or celestial guides. As your facilitator, I will ensure that the experiences are understood and integrated with the highest level of understanding and relevance for your individual life.

As we journey into the transcendence realms, we are also approaching the depths of your consciousness to access a completely different perspective of your life, one that honours how supported and guided you are in this incarnation.

Each workshop is kept to a small group so that each individual feels held and supported throughout the experience.

If you are curious about who has been assigned to you during this life, join us for our next workshop and let’s meet your team!


As we explore, share and discuss a multi-dimensional approach to Core Shamanism, this beginners course will cover the following and more:

  • Sustainable self care in preparation for your spiritual upgrade

  • Introduction to the shamanic map of transcendence

  • Meet your animal ally spirits and learn about their nature

  • Shamanic Rituals and tools to prepare for, and integrate, the shamanic journey process

  • Protection and Clearing of your etheric layers

  • Meeting your celestial team members and their purpose in your life and training

  • Integrating your experiences through holistic coaching & personalised action plans

  • Full course notes provided.

No previous experience is necessary and all tools will be provided.

Each group will be kept small to allow for personal coaching.

Our Beginners intensives run for 2 days (usually Saturday and Sunday) from around 9am - 5pm, but please remain flexible as times may vary.

Upcoming Beginner's Workshops

Start your sharmanic journey by booking yourself on one of our beginner intensives. 

Please note that cabin tickets for our August Beginners Training are SOLD OUT

If you require a cabin in order to attend please fill in the expression of interest form and email us so we can put you on our waitlist and notify you of any cancellations.  

If you are looking for an online experience, you can register for our upcoming 6 week live training with Heather.

Online Beginners Shamanic Medicine Course Is Here


Beginners Shamanic 
Medicine Training 
Expressions Of Interest

Want More Of A Festival Style Learning Environment?

Check Out Our Shamanic Gathering!


Nov 1st - Nov 4th 2024 at Worldsaway Retreat in Dayboro

No previous experience necessary.

Accomodation and meals provided, including shamanic workshops,

breath work, sound healing and market stalls

Get in contact with Heather to ask about upcoming events and your goals for training. Her free phone call link is here: 

Want To Chat?

Get in contact with our team by booking a call through the link below: 

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Beginners EOI

Can't find a date that suits you for our beginner's workshop? 

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