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Your complete upgrade awaits!

Most people go about their everyday lives completely unaware of the specific ways in which their energetic bodies work, we want to help you become aware of these ancient principles and move from the mundane to the higher states of awareness & healing, using the framework of Synaptic Evolution to unlock the unlimited resources of body, mind and spirit.

This is a three day intensive seminar holds the framework from which to sustainably and holistically ascend into higher states of awareness and health. Using the ancient principles of Chinese Medicine, you will embark on a journey over three full days of content addressing specifics of how the energetic body works and how to unlock more resources in the body, mind and spirit.

If you have been looking for an individually tailored, practical plan towards loving yourself and taking care of your whole being, then this is it!

Through deliberate acts of self-care and honouring the body's need for harmony, this seminar will also address the complex tendencies for self-sabotage that get in the way of being healthier and happier. Through a container of connection and knowledge, you will also learn how to comprehensively set goals that align with your dreams as well as discover your core values and unlock all the things in life that bring you joy!

Your facilitator for this offering will be Heather Leighton, who has spent over 15 years working with individuals to unlock healing and health upgrades and support them towards more creative and purposeful lives. 

After working with hundreds of people all over the world, Heather has noticed some recurring trends like...

Their professional life takes precedence even if it feels mundane and doesn't align with the person’s hobbies and interests 


They lack the confidence to go ALL in on themselves, staying in their mundane job - never starting their dream business, leaving them feeling ‘empty’ & without purpose.

They are unsatisfied in their relationships, the conversations feel hollow, and the level of depth they yearn for is never found, so they struggle to create meaningful relationships.


They lack an understanding of how our energetic bodies work leading them to feel chronic emotional repression from the trapped energy within.

They begin to withdraw and dim their light…

…soon the hobbies that they once found comfort in, no longer fill their cup. 


They begin to disconnect from the things they love and more often than not they find themselves partaking in the unaligned social settings they once avoided.


Drinking, drugs, gambling, their diet starts to slip, they throw themselves into these areas in the hopes of finding some level of connection…

…some level of community, even if it pales in comparison to what they would truly love.

Because it is better than facing the truth…

…That they are lying to themselves…

These lies cause their health to decline (mental, physical and spiritual).

They get put on modern treatments and life becomes a little bit more numb, and it’s nothing like the vision of what they would love…


… yet it is bearable, and so life goes on.

They know there is something better, they just don’t know where to look.

They’ve tried the traditional way and been left to pick up the pieces…

Any of this sound familiar?

If so, the people I work with end up having the discipline, courage and self-love to live in their deepest truth with a support network to launch and maintain their dreams.

Their belief systems are aligned and they feel supported in navigating their self-sabotage with clear energetic bodies that have unlocked their natural resources.

Fully supported to ascend into the higher states of awareness and health and use this foundation to create limitless meaning in life.

… by using ancient frameworks that simplify and balance all they need to do in life (whilst creating their dreams).

How good does that sound? 


You see, what we create (physically, mentally and spiritually) is a direct result of what we consume daily.

So we need to begin to understand how the energetic body works and unlock more and more of our natural resources to find true harmony…

… through a method I created many years ago called Synaptic Evolution. It is a complete upgrade of mind, body and spirit in which you’ll learn:”


Join Heather and her team for three days of eye opening and mind enhancing information that will provide deep shifts in your beliefs, self worth and health for years to come.

This weekend intensive will be limited to so a small group so don't miss your chance to secure your spot!

Synaptic Evolution is in its forth year running, and is a once a year event only!

This year's seminar will be held at TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN on January 20th - 22nd. 

Full investment for the weekend is only $997 with full and detailed course notes provided.

Top Tier Patreon members will get early bird chances to book and 20% off.

We have payment plans available by request too.


DAY 1: OUR FUTURE TIMELINE (where are we going?)

  • How the daily flow of each meridian system calls us towards healthy habits

  • How the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems works to keep us calm, clear and adapting to change

  • How we can hack into more courage, better decisions and reduce stress

  • The energetic hierarchy in the body - what is responsible for our stress response and how can be make it work for us

  • A deep dive into how to optimise digestion, self-love and acceptance using the body's energy systems

  • The importance of sleep for a clear mind and better thinking patterns

  • Hacking the morning routine for better health, a clearer mind and cultivating a deeper connection with nature

  • The sectors of life: how to organise our 3D lives into segments of focus

  • Goal setting: how to set goals thoroughly and achieve them every time! Learns the tricks of goal setting so you will never sabotage your progress again!

  • Creating an action plan that transforms overwhelm into discipline

What we hear the most after Day 1 is complete....
"I've realised that I've never set goals properly, no wonder I never achieve them!"

"The process of managing overwhelm is what I've always needed."

"I can see clearly which area of my life needs the most attention, which I've been avoiding."

"I can see why my sleep cycle has always been an issue and led to so many other problems."

DAY 2: MEANING & PURPOSE (why are here?)

  • Discover your core values (what you love most about your life)

  • Learn how to re-wire the brain towards achieving your goals & feeling nourished and purposeful along the way

  • The fundamentals of how to access your intuition

  • Learn the only way to truly stand grounded at all times through the ancient chakra system

  • Recover and re-centre after any chaos in your life with a simple technique

  • How to awaken creativity and sustain it over long periods of time

  • Problem solving using creative question - stop the cycle of recurring patterns in your life

  • Learn The Quantum Language Technique - how to decode any message from your higher self, whether that's a dream, recurring numbers or messages from spirits

  • Muscle Testing - learn a powerful kinesiology technique that will aid decision making and clarity when working towards your dreams

  • How to access the wisdom and learnings from your trauma so that you can clear your past completely of resentment

  • Learn The Psychic Surgery technique - how to pull out stuck emotions from the body and prevent illness and disease

What we hear a lot after Day 2 is complete...

"I knew I was burying emotions in my body, I just didn't know what to do about it!"

"I can finally make sense of my dreams and messages from spirit."

"It's clear to me now that my past has still had so much power over my decisions!"

"I can't stay angry forever, it's time to move on!"

DAY 2: CREATE A LIFE THAT LIGHTS YOU UP! (welcome to authenticity)

  • Learn how to clear away old patterns, negative belief systems and self-sabotaging thoughts

  • How to meditate without the bullshit!

  • Learn how to dissolve fear programs held in the nervous system that say you're not good enough for the life that you want.

  • How to change your thoughts from negative & disempowering into positive & encouraging

  • How to set intentions for everything you do, so that your higher self can start creating what you want

  • Learn about Shadow Values: the ultimate hack for disempowering habits, addictions and coping mechanisms

  • Deep shadow work to understand what fuels the habits that you don't want but can't resist

  • Learn how to surrender: the ultimate practice of letting go

  • Learn how to access your future timelines and learn from them so that anxiety doesn't ruin your days.

There will be ample time for Q & A throughout the program. Your facilitator will add to the program according to the needs of the group, often covering more topics than planned. 

What we hear once day 3 is complete...

"I know what I'm here to do, and now I have an action plan too!"

"I finally have the clarity to move forward and improve my life."

"It's as if a cloud has been lifted from my mind and I can see clearly what I need to do."

What did past participants say...


RENEE 2022


LISA 2021


IAN 2021


RHI 2021


BETH 2021

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