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Heather Leighton

Founder and Director

Heather Leighton is a renowned spiritual teacher, coach, and speaker with a passion for guiding individuals on their paths of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual transformation. With over a decade of experience in health science, traditional Chinese medicine, Reiki, esoteric acupuncture, life coaching, and shamanism, Heather's diverse background empowers her to offer unique insights and perspectives to her audience.


As the founder of Ankara Academy, Heather has dedicated herself to creating an online tribal community that fosters inclusivity and belonging. Her signature courses, "Synaptic Evolution" and "Beginner's Shamanism," have gained widespread acclaim for their exceptional blend of ancient wisdom and modern application, empowering participants to develop their intuition, align daily habits, and access their spiritual guiding team with clarity and structure.


Heather's expertise in coaching healer entrepreneurs and health practitioners facing burnout and loneliness sets her apart as an inspiring teacher, coach and mentor of anyone wanting to creating lasting impact in the community. Her thought-provoking talks and events, resonate with audiences seeking balance, self-care, and meaningful connections within the health and wellness industry.


Drawing from her background and experience, Heather's events and online livestreams captivate and motivate attendees, encouraging them to embrace their intuition, find inner strength, and create profound shifts in their lives. By sharing practical strategies and real-life insights, she attracts clients who are eager to evolve, grow their practices, and find fulfilment while making a lasting impact on their communities and the world. Heather's presence in her online tribal community through Patreon is a beacon of hope and transformation, guiding members on their journey to wholeness and purposeful living.

Heather's skillset experiences are:

-Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) - Endeavour College of Natural Medicine

-Chinese Medicine Internship in Guangxi Hospital (Nanning)

-Reiki I & II with Mark McAuliffe

-Esoteric Acupuncture level 1 & 2 with Alison Clarke-Daly

-Ayahuasca Retreat and shamanic coaching with Ross Heaven - Peru and Spain

-Assistant at Hummingbird Retreat with Shipibo Ayahuasca shamans

-Ibogaine Ceremony - Ko Pha-ngan island

-Life Coaching Training with Authentic Education (with over 300 hours of practice)

-Core Shamanism mentorship with Spiritweaver (Michele Cempaka) 3 years

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