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Awaken Your Allies

Begins September 12th
Live Online Experience
Group Support
Workbooks & Practices
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Heading 4

This is an intense online experience to school you in the ways of a shamanic life. 

You will be guided to a truly holistic approach to life that will put you in touch with your celestial team members and take you from lost and unclear of your path to fully in your lane and expressing your unique magic with the world. 


Our online courses teach that intuition development needs to be slow and aligned with wellness and awareness, embracing a deep connection with nature.

Through the beginners intensive you will be introduced to at least three of your celestial team members, and you will be taught how to communicate with your guides everyday and how to face difficult situations. This training compliments any other kinds of healing modalities previously learnt and doesn't require any previous experience.

Your facilitator, Heather has embraced shamanism into her life with unyielding dedication.

Her diverse range of experiences both in other healing modalities and her first hand experience, provide a safe and encouraging space to explore all kinds of psychic abilities and intuitive awakenings.

Heather is dedicated to providing shamanic training that is comprehensive and tailored to each individual's needs.
Join us in a container of intention and mystery as we embark on the journeys that will change your sense of reality forever.

Your guides have always been there, you just haven’t been able to hear their call.

In our noisy lives, which inner voice can we trust?

What is the difference between our intuition and our own fear?


  • 6 Week Online Container with weekly 2 hour zoom sessions

  • Sustainable self care in preparation for your spiritual upgrade

  • Introduction to the shamanic map of transcendence

  • Meet your animal ally spirits and learn about their nature

  • Shamanic Rituals and tools to prepare for, and integrate, the shamanic journey process

  • Protection and Clearing of your etheric layers

  • Meeting your celestial team members and their purpose in your life and training

  • Integrating your experiences through holistic coaching & personalised action plans

  • Full course notes provided.

  • Plus More

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No Previous Experience Required!

Exclusive Bonus

Secure Your Place Now & Receive A Month's Access To Our Level 1 Patreon Membership!

This membership portal is a priceless container of support that will have you integrating the work and surrounded by a community who understands the journey you are on

"Stop being stuck in your ego around self-doubt, self-criticism and self-loathing that tells you you aren’t “talented” enough to be of service"

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"I am passionate about changing the world by empowering healers to rise up against their self-doubt."

About Your Facilitator

Heather Leighton is a renowned spiritual teacher, coach, and speaker with a passion for guiding individuals on their paths of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual transformation. With over a decade of experience in health science, traditional Chinese medicine, Reiki, esoteric acupuncture, life coaching, and shamanism, Heather's diverse background empowers her to offer unique insights and perspectives to her audience.


As the founder of Ankara Academy, Heather has dedicated herself to creating an online tribal community that fosters inclusivity and belonging. Her signature courses, "Synaptic Evolution" and "Beginner's Shamanism," have gained widespread acclaim for their exceptional blend of ancient wisdom and modern application, empowering participants to develop their intuition, align daily habits, and access their spiritual guiding team with clarity and structure.


Heather's expertise in coaching healer entrepreneurs and health practitioners facing burnout and loneliness sets her apart as an inspiring teacher, coach and mentor of anyone wanting to creating lasting impact in the community. Her thought-provoking talks and events, resonate with audiences seeking balance, self-care, and meaningful connections within the health and wellness industry.

Heather's skillset experiences are:

-Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) - Endeavour College of Natural Medicine

-Chinese Medicine Internship in Guangxi Hospital (Nanning)

-Reiki I & II with Mark McAuliffe

-Esoteric Acupuncture level 1 & 2 with Alison Clarke-Daly

-Ayahuasca Retreat and shamanic coaching with Ross Heaven - Peru and Spain

-Assistant at Hummingbird Retreat with Shipibo Ayahuasca shamans

-Ibogaine Ceremony - 2016 Thailand

-Life Coaching Training with Authentic Education (with over 300 hours of practice)

-Core Shamanism mentorship with Spiritweaver (Michele Cempaka) 3 years

- Month long mentorship in Mongolia with various shamans 2023


  • You wish to learn how to access the spiritual world whilst staying grounded in the 3D
  • You want to learn how to train your brain into the hypnotic drive that sends us into transcendent realms.
  • You are to develop your intuition in grounded and practical ways.
  • You want to learn the discipline and habits needed to unlock your gifts 
  • You are ready to have your guides with you always and no longer feel alone

Discover Your Purpose And Stop Making Excuses Towards Making A Better Life For You And Your Family


Live Event Structure

Week 1 Begins - 12th September 

What To Expect?

Week 1: 
Calling in the 4 directions
The Foundations of Core Shamanism

Sustainable Self Care
Discover “your sanctuary”
The map of Transcendence
Journey #1: Finding your Birth Totem in the lower world

Week 2:
Reflections of Birth Totem integration
The difference between your birth totem and power animals
What are your short, mid and long-term goals
Journey #2: Retrieving your power animal from the Lower World

Week 3:
Reflections on Animal Ally spirits
Opening your portal (8 step practice)
Powering up using 2 rattles
Clearing negative energy using shamanic tools

Week 4:
Reflections of 8-step practice and Powering up
Rituals to prepare for your journeys
Muscle Testing for Clarity
Journey #3: To the upper world to find a guide

Week 5
Reflections of Upper World Guide
Change in your sanctuary and how to decipher its messages
Using your animal allies for protection, clearing spaces and in managing stress
Journey #4: Journey to find your Guardian Guide

Week 6:
Reflections on working with a full guiding team
Changes in your everyday life and how to navigate working with your team
Calling in Celestial Council - a daily ritual
The Vault - strong protection from outside energy
Reflecting on the full journey process and self-management

During this 6 week container, we will break down each component so it’s easier to understand.


We will have plenty of time to practice the practical steps towards journeying, so you know how to self-direct after the course too.


During the course, you will have access to your facilitator to ask questions and share experiences through your integration.


You will be provided with course notes that you can keep working on in order to develop your skills and remember each component of the live sessions.

We will journey together over 6 weeks with 6 online 2 hour sessions to integrate you into your new shamanic way of life. 

After this 6 week journey you will have the tools to

Access and understand your guides 

Tap into your intuition to help you make aligned choices in life

Protect and Clear your etheric layers

Be guided in your purpose 

Develop rituals to support your daily integration of these tools

Plus much more

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