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Align With Your

1:1 Coaching 

It's time to get you to the next tier in your evolution.

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1:1 12 month Coaching Container

"Facilitating The Upgrades You Need To Live A More Fulfilled Life"

Hi, I'm Heather Leighton and if you are ready to receive the upgrades you need to live a more fulfilled life then you are in the right place. 

My 1:1 coaching experience is about creating permanent and sustainable change that allows the truth of your heart to shine through. I don't pull punches, I'm here to hold you accountable to your truth with my direct approach and depth of conversation that enables you to understand the changes we are making and why!

This offering gets results, you're going to achieve your goals in a sustainable way and upgrade your life with shit that works. Never going backwards again. 




Because I'm willing to do whatever it needs to take to get you there. It's why you get 24/7 support and it's why I love this offering. Because I get to intensely focus on you and that's what gets the best results. 




In Align With Your Purpose, I bring together all of my wisdom into one container. 

Holistic Health and Wellness 
Relationship and Communications 
Small Business Coaching 
Intuition Development Coaching 
Professional Healing Techniques 
Brand Marketing and copyright 
Graphic Art Design Tutorials 


My qualifications include...

- Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) - Endeavour College of Natural Medicine

- Chinese Medicine Internship in Guangxi Hospital (Nanning)

- Reiki I & II with Mark McAuliffe

- Esoteric Acupuncture level 1 & 2 with Alison Clarke-Daly

- Ayahuasca Retreat and shamanic coaching with Ross Heaven - Peru and Spain

- Assistant at Hummingbird Retreat with Shipibo Ayahuasca shamans

- Ibogaine Ceremony - Ko Pha-ngan island

- Life Coaching Training with Authentic Education (with over 300 hours of practice)

- Core Shamanism mentorship with Spiritweaver (Michele Cempaka) 3 years

- Holographic Kinetic Training with Steve Richards

This program is a 12-month container so we intentionally work through each energy shift that comes with each season to ensure we can maneuver through the different energy cycles. 

It also means we get through 12 menstrual cycles together to understand your cycles and patterns around creating and letting go.


So that you know that you can work through anything that comes up and create sustainable routines that allow you to stay aligned.

This has it all, the wisdom I've accrued through lived experiences with real-world techinques that allow you to stay Aligned With Your Purpose. 


Due to the intense nature of this program, it is strictly through application only and limited to 3 spaces! 

Core Services

3 Core Deliverables or pillars of the program 

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Nutrition, diet & lifestyle hacks

Heather will guide you towards living a more holistic and healthy life through addressing any nutritional deficiencies and aligning your habits to better energy everyday.

There will be discussions on how to eat intuitively and seasonally according to your budget and capacity at every step.

This will be like having your own alternative medicine practitioner with you every step of the way.

Image by Tamas Sandor

Shamanic guidance

You will receive ongoing intuitive coaching on how to develop your own intuition and connection to your guides. This will be complete with action steps that create a clearer connection, as well as support towards understanding the signs you are receiving from the your guiding team. There will be support for many common experiences like dream analysis, clearing your house, room or land, as well as on-call support for psychic attack and interfering spirits.

Image by Olena Bohovyk

Small business coaching & career development

You will be guided towards how to nourish your current profession or business, as well as providing more structure, longevity and better work life balance.

You will learn to see your business as an energetic entity of itself, which you are in alchemy with.
With guidance and support, you will find ways to develop this sector of your life holistically and energetically as well as practically.

This is a core component of how you find purpose and confidence in the world, so let's get busy working on it!

What Upgrades You can expect

As we dive into our work through the onboarding process, mapping sessions and fortnightly calls you'll begin to

  • Develop a regulated nervous system through a daily routine individually tailored to your constitution

  • Hacking your nutrition to support your genius

  • Serve your community in fulfilling and meaningful ways

  • Access your guides regularly to unlock divine knowledge

  • Upgrade the version of you 

  • Live freely and independently as the sovereign being you are

  • Align with your tribe, community and soulmates

  • Develop the clearing techniques that allow you to thrive 

  • Build your system first, so you can impact others

  • Unlock your 5D experience

  • Create the world you want to see

  • Find Self Care and the 3D life become easy and manageable

  • Constantly receive insightful downloads and million $ ideas daily 

  • Your biggest problem will become having too many ideas

  • Notice time slows down and you have unlimited creative expansiveness

  • Feel REALLY alive, connected and in tune with your environment

  • Experience true abundance and nourishment

What You'll Receive? ​

  • Holistic Coaching Individually Tailored To Your Needs (Value $20,000)

  • Fortnightly Coaching Sessions (Value $6,700)

  • Ongoing 24/7 support through Whatsapp (Priceless)

  • All Templates, PDF'S and Structures used yours to keep (Value $1200)

  • Access all courses and offerings of the Heather Leighton and The Ankara Academy brands (Value $7500)

  • Clearing Techniques, Practices and Meditations ($500)


That's over $35,900 in value!

This whole package is usually priced at $20,000

For 2024, we are offering everything for only $15,000 for the whole 12 months!

*Only one place remains for this year

Flexible payment plans available, don't miss out!

Belle, Graphic designer & Marketing consultant

"I have had the pleasure of working with Heather for over a year now and began training with The Ankara Academy after having healing with Heather who was recommended by a friend. I have learnt along the way more than I can really put into words. My mind has been expanded over and over again and my spiritual and personal growth accelerated exponentially. Heather is a warm and kind hearted soul, with a wealth of information to offer and a wisdom that seems far beyond her years. Her teachings are delivered in an easy to understand, relatable, and down to earth manner and I always leave with something new to digest and a practical way to apply learnings, which is something I value highly from The Ankara Academy trainings. If you are truly willing to do the work and are committed to just that, then Heather is a brilliant teacher and mentor to guide you along your own unique path."


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