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Patreon is online platform that make group accessibility to events and networking very easy. Think of Patreon as a private facebook group (only there's no link to who you are at all!). This group was created to provide extra support for the students and clients of The Ankara Academy, to keep them aligned with growth and healing.

In our experience, comprehensive healing is an individual pathway and needs to be tailored made. For those that want to compliment their shamanic studies, or just need a regular check in, this online group provides the ease of accessibility wherever you are in the world. Many clients use the group alongside 1:1 healing sessions with Heather to find the comfort of being in a community of others changing their lives too. Some students of Shamanism find the group a lovely compliment to the work with their guides and can regularly check in for advice, insight, private sharing or some 1:1 coaching.
We are dedicated to this group being a space that is constantly changing & evolving. It is designed for you to take part, or take a break whenever that feels right to you. We are focused on providing learning modules, unique content, group sharing and coaching as well as bonus events regularly. Our members report that they feel encouraged, supported and seen through this platform away from the pressures of social media. This group is suited to absolute beginners on their journey of self-discovery, as well as experienced practitioners just needing a top up of inspiration and mentorship.
Livestream events are an exciting and engaging way to be part of an event from wherever you are at the time. Join in on your phone while you're driving home from work, or simply stay in your pyjamas at home. And don't worry, this is not like a group zoom call...your face won't be shown in any event unless you are asked for consent. 

We have two tiers of membership, representing the level of commitment that best suits your needs.


FREE MEMBERSHIP is available and allows you to see snippets of what's happening in the higher tiers as well as early access to our in person trainings and 21 day challenges.

Ankara Change Portal

Only AU$5 / month

This tier introduces you to all the offerings of The Ankara Academy and this supportive network! When you sign up as a member, we will contact you directly offering a 1:1 chat with one of our team members. We want to know about YOU and what your dreams are for your intuition development journey.

Each month, you will have access to:

  • One livestream coaching session with one of our team members

  • Access to 1:1 healing sessions by our team members

  • Early bird chances to book our workshops and training sessions

  • Access to early viewing of content on our Youtube channel like our podcast, book club and monthly readings with our creator

  • Access to our group chat in the app where you can connect and share with other members

  • Access to our regular 21 day challenges which will hold you accountable to empowering habits like daily meditation, regular reading and divination

This tier is for anyone that wants to commit and invest in their own self-development and healing. This tier is for anyone that likes to work freely and independently through their own shifts and awakenings. This tier is for anyone who wants to trust their intuition more and learn more about their creative gifts.

Ankara Power Portal

AU$25 / month

At this tier you are making a commitment to yourself to join a full network of support!

As well as all the entry-level offerings, you will also have access to:

  • A private forum where all members can share openly about their healing experiences, their shamanic journeys, their self-development wins and dreams

  • A livestream astrological and tarot reading each month with one of our team members

  • You will have access to a bonus live stream coaching session with Heather, who will share channeled messages from her guides each month and help you integrate the skills taught in our courses

  • You will receive a master coupon which will get you 20% off any and all offerings through The Ankara Academy! This could save you hundreds of dollars in our upcoming workshops just through a $ 25-a-month commitment. 

This tier is for anyone who knows they are ready to dedicate more energy to themselves and their own self-development. This tier is for the shamanic students working with their guides between training modules. This tier is for anyone who wants to embrace change and growth within a support network.


Remember, you can change your tier and your membership at any time. When you need time out, simply cancel your membership and we'll give you that space that you need. Whenever you're ready, simply sign back up to the tier that resonates and we'll be in touch to offer support.

We love you! Your community awaits!!

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