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"Ankara’s offerings opened up a world of transformation in my life from the moment I attended my first Dyad session with Angel and Heather. Their unique combination of gifts and skills were potent medicine for the suffering and stagnancy I was experiencing in every area of my life, from my health and wellbeing to finances, relationships, career and life purpose. Not only did I feel a huge sense of release and freedom, I was also able to review every aspect my life with renewed clarity and purpose, and from this new understanding I was able to begin to make decisions and meaningful changes that were aligned for me. My participation in both beginners and intermediate Shamanic Medicine Training gave me the ability to work with my guides and celestial team to not only step into my fullest potential and create my life from a deeply fulfilling Shamanic perspective, but has also brought profound healing to the wounds and traumas I had buried for so long. I learned to listen to the cues from my body, my triggers, my emotions and my intuition to alter old and outworn patterns of beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that weren’t serving me or my life anymore. Rather than living life from a disempowered state, I can explore my fears with curiosity and transmute them with love and courage. Heather and Angel bring unconditional love, understanding, grace and intuitive knowing to everything they do, just as much as they bring an extraordinary wealth of knowledge. The Ankara Patreon is a phenomenal space and unbelievably worthwhile – it brings collective perspective to personal shadow work. The fortnightly readings, regular Q&A sessions and Heather’s impromptu drops of golden wisdom really help support my evolutionary journey and shadow work inside a safe and loving online space. I have so much gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had to be trained and mentored through Ankara, now and into the future as well."

Laurie - Psychologist

"Thank you so much. I feel like my life is forever changed after the weekend [of shamanic training]. I really can't thank you enough for everything you've brought into my life."

Karen - Graphic Artist

"I have had the pleasure of working with Heather for over a year now and began training with The Ankara Academy after having healing with Heather who was recommended by a friend. I have learnt along the way more than I can really put into words. My mind has been expanded over and over again and my spiritual and personal growth accelerated exponentially. Heather is a warm and kind hearted soul, with a wealth of information to offer and a wisdom that seems far beyond her years. Her teachings are delivered in an easy to understand, relatable, and down to earth manner and I always leave with something new to digest and a practical way to apply learnings, which is something I value highly from The Ankara Academy trainings. If you are truly willing to do the work and are committed to just that, then Heather is a brilliant teacher and mentor to guide you along your own unique path."

Belle - Artist & Healer

"We are all here to evolve into the best versions of ourselves. Heather holds a space which is supportive and aligned with this mssion."

Vanessa - Artist & childcare worker

"Big love to you for everything. I do not have enough words to say how thankful I am for this journey, training and mentorship with you. Living a shamanic lifestyle has become my biggest teacher, as hard as it can be some days just showing up and trusting has been my biggest lesson.

Renee - Occupational Therapist

"You are such a wonderful inspiration & mentor, I have so much gratitude for the journey I have been on with you for the past 3 years, it has been a huge journey of evolution for us both. Thank you, for all of it, but especially for the tools you have taught me so that I have the capacity to stand on a strong foundation and create my own world. You are a gift and I'm so grateful for the paths that brought us both here. You instigated the most incredible changes in my life."

Imogen - intuitive health coach

"This training has fundamentally altered the way I live my life. Heather and Angel have the most incredible teaching style and depth of wisdom that makes their training far more approachable and grounded than I expected from doing Shamanic training. I struggled with meditation, but sitting council with my spirit guides is now a daily practise that is the centre of my connection to my higher self. This training has impacted everything in my life. From the simple to the profound. I have a far better and deeper connection with my guides who help me to follow the calling in my soul. They help me to stay connected to my higher calling and take actions towards my biggest goals whilst ensuring that it aligns with my soul path. After 20 years of personal and spiritual development, I have never found a more powerful, transformational and spiritually empowering experience than the Basic and Intermediate Shamanism training. They make incredible tools accessible and easy to use. The training has also supercharged my spiritual development with shadow work, releasing trauma and focusing on what’s really important. This training has been like a beacon of light that guides me on my journey. I am now releasing fears and taking exciting risks in the projects that make my soul sing. It definitely takes some hard work in facing the more challenging aspects of your inner spiritual world, but the training that these courses have given me has helped me to know how to navigate the challenges and take on my spiritual development with excitement and drive."

Jon-Michael - film artist

"I found Heather when I was going through a bunch of changes - moving from Asia to Europe to a city where I knew nobody, changing career paths and trying to get over a difficult relationship that had ended. At that point in time, I felt overwhelmed and did not know exactly where to start to rebuild my life. I used to tell myself that I can handle whatever life throws at me, but then it seemed impossible. As I started to work with Heather, I remember her sending over a questionnaire to get to know me and identify an area where we should focus our efforts. We then hopped on a call and talked about the challenges I was facing. I was not used to entrust a stranger with my problems and Heather made me feel at ease. A few weeks into our coaching, we identified an element that later enabled me to regain my confidence and take control over my life: managing my finances. We started small and tried different tools to see what works best for me. As I was starting to become more comfortable with money, we went on to tackle another issue. I am forever grateful for her support and guidance in the process of becoming a stronger version of myself."

Rox - start up analyst

"Heather helped me overcome some mental blockages that were holding me back for a long time. She gave me some real life practical skills to use and guided me onto the path i wanted to be on. I highly recommend having a chat with Heather she is very easy to talk to and she has a knack of putting everything in perspective."

Luke - School teacher in remote communities

"Wow! Heather is so incredible at what she does, such profound yet gentle medicine.
I have had an number of sessions with heather over the years most recently around clearing trauma from the body. After my first session which was to do with sexual trauma my whole body relaxed and I was able to connect with my partner more intimately and feel safe with him when up until that point I had not been able to feel safe. It was immediate!  Heather holds such a clear, loving, grounded space, with zero bullshit, she gets to the root cause of the problem and allows it to dissolve completely reprogramming any patterns and behaviours that may manifest.
Im so grateful that I have found my go to for helping move through limiting beliefs and leveling up in the world, I know I will be having more sessions with her in the future.  Really, do yourself a massive favour and connect with this incredible woman.  Thank you Heather, I feel so light and clear, like I can take on the world!!! Weeeeeee!!!!!!!"

Serra - Celebrant

"I got in contact with Heather maybe 14 months ago as I was feeling very lost with a number of things from work, to vulnerability to self love. I contacted Heather not really knowing what the outcome would be after a lifetime of not loving myself near as much as I should or deserved. Heather put forward tasks every week... ranging from the smallest to somewhat bigger but all attainable... in the last 14 months with the help of Heather I have reached peaks I never thought would’ve been possible. Not only is she an incredible mentor but also has become an incredible friend which for me is the most important when feeling ok with opening up the sorest parts of your heart. Heather is always there for me whenever I need a push in the right direction.... I can honestly say life has never been the same since I’ve started my coaching with Heather and I owe her a lot more than a positive review. If anyone has any questions on my experience and aren’t quite sure on of this is the right move for them, please reach out to me. I still have a way to go with heart stuff but feel so much brighter about my future."

Karen - Entrepreneur 

"Thank you Heather! Thank you for allowing me to let healing happen. Your ability to hold such such safe, honest and comfortable space to allowed for some amazingly potent healing to happen. Wow, I feel such an deep shift since our session in physical, emotional and mental health ways. Thank you, I look forward to more sessions with you. To everybody out there I highly recommend you give yourself a treat you deserve and let Heather heal."

Vanessa - International social worker

"I am feeling so blessed to have found Heather; her approach to healing is like a breath of fresh air, and as a practitioner her passion is palpable. She has helped me reach clarity on some of my larger life goals, and guided me to find some of the jigsaw puzzle pieces I was missing. I highly recommend her work to anyone and everyone. Dynamite!"

Steve - visionary artist

"Heather is an extremely intuitive and gentle person. One session with her allowed me to open up a whole new chapter of growth within myself in a really positive way. I would highly recommend her if you feel your mind/body/soul needs a little bit of tlc."

Chloe - artist

"Heather creates an incredibly comfortable & calming environment during all her healing sessions.
She is full of knowledge & practical skills that can easily be implemented in everyday life.
I couldn’t recommend her more highly for anyone looking for life coaching or healing of some sort."

Rebecca - Graphic Artist & virtual assistant

"I initially approached Heather for acupuncture, and I found the treatment helpful for stress and period cramps, but more than that I really appreciate her compassionate and holistic approach to health and well being. From inspiring reading recommendations, to achievable and helpful nutritional suggestions, and hands-on healing, I feel lucky to have found this gem!"

Stephanie - mental health support worker

"I came to Heather at a very important time in my life - after seeing specialist after specialist, healer after healer, and I was feeling pretty disillusioned by it all. I guess, to a point, I've always struggled to feel comfortable and trust in the person advising me - mainly because, despite all skill, I have found that they spend more time talking than listening. Heather is the exception that opened me back up to receiving healing.
Not only does she take the time to really enquire and investigate what you're feeling in your body, she also cares deeply about what you're feeling in your life - and is then able to approach your body based on what it needs and provide the guidance to benefit your journey forward. Every session I have had with Heather has shifted blockages within me - sometimes instantly, sometimes appearing more gradually. And the wisdom she provides helps me to keep healing myself long after I leave her table. I have also attended her trauma releasing workshop, which has had a huge impact on my road to recovery.
So yeah. This is an easy 5 stars. I highly recommend Heather Healings and encourage you to find out for yourselves. Everybody needs something different. But there's a good chance that Heather will be that difference..."

Phoenix - DJ

This amazing person has got skill. Having held onto this dark feeling in my gut for as long as I can remember it’s now gone!  This was something that I now realise held me back. Anytime I’d go to do something new this dreary feeling would say no. I realise now how much this was holding me back.Thank you so much Heather. Your kind words, gentle and loving approach made it so easy for me to trust you and listen to your instructions.I feel so much lighter now and clear headed.That feeling is gone. You're amazing."

Colm - Men's empowerment coach

"I have had a really positive & helpful experience seeing Heather. Our sessions improved the cyclical fluctuations in my endometriosis, while also treating my lower back pain. I always walked away feeling so much better & I could always talk so openly & freely with Heather. There was a strong focus on mental & emotional health, she has a genuinely holistic practise & I had notes to take home after each session to keep me on track. Highly recommend!"

Jane - artist & entrepreneur

"Heather's deep intuition and holistic approach to healing creates the most supported and effective treatment I've experienced. I know I'll always get what I need even if I don't know what that is myself beforehand!
Do yourself a massive favour and book in a healing with this powerful being."

Tria - environmental activist

"Heather is a wonderful guide, teacher and friend who I find one of the easiest people to reflect the depths of myself to. She creates a safe, calm and open space for your internal mechanisms to be splayed out in the open for her to help rearrange and reprogram these mental and energetic issues. She has a profound way of implementing useful strategies and tools into the weekly routine while being attentive with the follow up sessions to have that support and reiterations.
If you feel like you need a trusting ear and heart to help you change for the better then I recommend Heather as much as possible. A very intuitive yet attuned down to earth healer."

Stephen - Festival organiser

"Thank you so much Heather. Your knowledge & understanding is amazing. It was exactly what was needed. I truly appreciate your kindness, patience and compassion."

Lindy Lou - Beautician & makeup artist

"Heather was incredible warm and inviting. A very interesting session with lots of alignment and healing. Would love to work with her in the future and would definitely recommend a booking with her to anyone interested!"


"I recently completed Heather’s 6 session Shadow Course.. I highly recommend it! I work as a trauma therapist and have never invested in my own coaching til now. It was a lovely experience.. I felt honoured, celebrated and encouraged through the process which Heather guided in such a lovely way. Definitely recommend this work."

Ella - sex therapist

"I recently experienced a Shamanic healing session with Heather. I had been feeling very disconnected between different periods in my life and was having problems finding what gave me joy. Heather made me feel immediately comfortable and was very knowledgeable as to what was going on for me. Now two weeks after my session I feel lighter, more connected, in the present and able to find joy in my everyday life. Highly recommend Heather."

Anna - Horse Whisperer

"I recently went to heather for a shamanic healing. I was feeling heavy and uncertain about things in my life and business and found the chatter in my mind was wearing me down. Heather did some amazing clearings for me including some contracts and entities, I felt light after all that and my mind was quiet, I would highly recommend her to help you if you are stuck or struggling I know I feel a million bucks and it’s been over a week since I had the healing."

Stephanie - Life Coach

"So amazing. Heather has a very special and magical gift to share if you are looking to see what’s inside.

After the session I had, I realised there is a lot more inside than we probably care to know!

With Heather’s guidance, my journey was deep, and we were able to release and heal some important facets of myself. Adding tools to help me work towards being my most awesome and authentic self.

Thank you Heather."

Fae - artist

"I recently met Heather for the first time while having a healing session at her beautiful new little yurt! Heather is so lovely, warm, gentle and truly talented. I felt so safe sharing some of my inner truths and feelings and not only did Heather clear a ridiculous amount of noise for me with a spiritual healing she also gave me some really practical awareness regarding an issue that no one else has ever helped me to see. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with Heather, thank you so much."


"I have known Heather personally for many years now as a friend and more recently as a Teacher and Guide.

I contacted Heather to work with her on her 'Stalking your Shadow" mentor-ship programme after a particularly dense and heavy period in my life that I felt ready to shift from. Heather has been able to hold a clear and solid space for me to identify what my longings were and unpack these with simple achievable steps to making them a reality.

Heather is deeply person focused and not technique focused, and therefore she was able to consistently meet me where I was at and offer a safe space to be heard and received.

Heather comes with tools that range from the very practical tangible and grounded tools of life coaching, goal setting, body orientated medicine (TCM) and vital mind reset to the depths of shamanic work in healing and clearing, working with ancestors, connecting with guides and helper beings to create a truly holistic approach.

There is a very real approach that Heather offers which is integrative and has depth and breadth to take you where your symptoms are calling you.

Heather sees everything through a lens of opportunity for growth rather than a problem that needs to be fixed and the basis lies in empowering the individual to step up as their own teacher, guide and healer in their unique journey.

This in itself is incredibly healing because she strives to give the power back to the people and remind us that the things we are challenged by only weaken us until we understand what they are trying to teach us about ourselves, and once we are able to listen and respond to this rather the react or collapse, we are well on our way to re-framing all our 'suffering' as a call and in fact, the very potent place of transformation.

In three words Heather embodies Truth, Safety and Potency.

If you are ready and willing to make a change and you want someone who is as REAL as they get and are looking for someone to walk beside you as a pillar of belief and a champion of your own healing, Heather is that Woman."

Margarita - healer and mental health support worker

"I can not recommend Heather enough.

I was feeling desperate and scared and overwhelmed when I first reached out to Heather. With in our very first conversation Heather made me feel safe and heard. Initially I did Heathers Stalking your Shadow program and have continued to have sessions over the past 10 months or so. The transformation that I experienced in the gentle, wise, compassionate hands of Heather is massive and sustainable. Her holistic healing approach helped me re build myself in a way that at no point felt hard or overwhelming. Every step we took filled me with hope and excitement and was completely manageable. Within weeks of starting sessions with Heather my physical health was improving rapidly thanks to her guidance with nutrition and self care and my anxiety was the best it had been in years. She helped me break free from my addictions to alcohol and other substances of which 6+ months later I am still free of. Heather helped me start (and sustain) habits of daily exercise (something I have never been able to maintain and now can’t live without). We worked through creative blockages that I have struggled with for years and am now creating and feeling positive about my art. Heathers guidance has also helped me gain confidence with my work and grow my business and take control of my financial situation.

I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been but more than that I feel completely empowered and in control of my health and my life. For which I thank Heather from the bottom of heart. If you are thinking of reaching out to Heather I STRONGLY encourage you to do so. You will not regret it. "


"Heather is an incredible, wise and kind soul. I have only just begun my healing journey with her and already can feel the beginning of a big and powerful shift in my life. She does not so much give you power but reminds me of the power and love that i already have within. By using tools and teachings to understand old taught and learned behaviours, she guides me on a path of connecting to self and finding my place in the universe. Breaking patterns that no longer serve my highest good . I am truly thankful for Heather and her intuitive , inspirational gifts. Very easy to relate to and someone who has lived her own journey and uses that to help others along their own independent journey. A special soul that i am very happy walks this earth and gifts us with her teachings. Thank you Heather!!"

Sammy - single & empowered mother

"I reached out to Heather to gain some perspective and support in moving through some trauma and to build confidence within myself to be able to form deeper connections with people around me. After finishing my incredible 2 month 'Stalking Your Shadow' journey with Heather, I have felt more confident, grounded and connected to my own heart and mind than ever before.

With a nurturing, loving and grounded approach to her healing, Heather equipped me with an endless amount of tools to use in my daily life and really shifted my thoughts and motions into a new space of healing, confidence and self-love.

I highly recommend Heather."


"I reached out to Heather during a really difficult time in my life; I was having regular panic attacks, I wasn't able to look after myself or do the simplest of things, everything felt ridiculously overwhelming and I had no idea how to pull myself out of the dark state I felt entrenched in. Our first conversation was difficult, I could barely string a sentence together, yet Heather patiently listened to my inner brain mutterings, and from these was able to skilfully ask relevant questions that allowed her (and myself) to deduce the core issues that were causing my mental state. Each session differed depending on my needs, with Heather showcasing her wealth of knowledge and broad array of skills. Heather provided me with easy to follow, yet very effective tools that allowed me to begin my own journey of self healing, while always ensuring me that I could contact her if ever I needed extra support. Heather provided a space without judgement, a space where I felt held and supported, guided with gentle direction. I am still in awe of how quickly I progressed, and am forever grateful for Heather's support, commitment and guidance. She is an amazing, intuitive, knowledgeable woman, and I would HIGHLY recommend her services."

Leanne - healer in training

"I got in contact with Heather maybe 14 months ago as I was feeling very lost with a number of things from work, to vulnerability to self love. I contacted Heather not really knowing what the outcome would be after a lifetime of not loving myself near as much as I should or deserved. Heather put forward tasks every week... ranging from the smallest to somewhat bigger but all attainable... in the last 14 months with the help of Heather I have reached peaks I never thought would’ve been possible. Not only is she an incredible mentor but also has become an incredible friend which for me is the most important when feeling ok with opening up the sorest parts of your heart. Heather is always there for me whenever I need a push in the right direction.... I can honestly say life has never been the same since I’ve started my coaching with Heather and I owe her a lot more than a positive review. If anyone has any questions on my experience and aren’t quite sure on of this is the right move for them, please reach out to me. I still have a way to go with heart stuff but feel so much brighter about my future."


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